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Did you know that Whistler is home to 7 lakes, with many more surrounding the town? This little-known fun fact makes Whistler a canoer’s and paddle boarder’s dream location. With some of the most scenic views in the country, your experience in Whistler will be one you will never forget.

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River of Golden Dreams

True to its name, this dreamy river is incredibly scenic. This 3-hour adventure takes you through a landscape of snow-capped mountains cloaked in evergreen forests. As you navigate this wildflower-lined river sightings may include beavers, fish jumping, and all sorts of stunning flora.

Alta Lake

The second biggest lake in Whistler and probably the most visited, it boasts a number of beaches and parks on its waters edge with tons of nooks and crannies to explore.

Logger’s Lake

The warmest of all the lakes, Logger’s Lake is heated from underneath by volcanic activity. Don’t be deterred by the short hike to get to this lake, it’s well worth the trek to get to it. If you’re feeling bold, try the rope swing!

Green Lake

The largest lake in Whistler, it is also very unique compared to Whistler’s other lakes. First off it is cold, very cold! Second, the water is actually green – the lake is fed with glacial water from the mountain, which gives it its unique colour that also gave it its name. You can spend a whole day wondering around its green water, but be sure to visit the ghost town on the East shores.

Mile One Lake

Located just south of Pemberton, it is a popular destination for paddle boarders. It is small but has a sandy shore to take a rest on. If you can catch it during sunset or sunrise it will leave you mesmerized as the mountain ranges surrounding the lake bounce off the coming and going sun.

Lost Lake

The closest lake to the village, it is a favourite among tourists and locals alike. Warm waters, sandy shores, and easy access are just a few of its desirable qualities.

Video: Tourism Whistler


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